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There are 18 neighborhood associations in Salem, but CAN-DO is perhaps the most unique because of its downtown location. It certainly is a key-player in the network of Salem's neighborhood associations.


CAN-DO has always been about citizen participation. In fact, neighborhood associations exist for that very reason— to include people in on the decision-making process, therefore reaching a more inclusive and balanced decision for all.


Downtown Salem is many things to many people; that's what is so  great about it. It's really a neighborhood not just an economic district. It's also the city of Salem's living room. Every person who lives, works or owns a business here should feel some ownership of downtown. 

Statistics of Salem Urban Development on Downtown

There are many restaurants and taverns downtown with 80% outside of  the Salem Center Mall (includes coffee shops and  catering shops)

Quite a few downtown businesses are open on Sundays; 35% of those are outside the Salem Center Mall

Many downtown businesses are open after 7pm during the week; 35% are outside of the Salem Center Mall

There are nearly 100 residential units in downtown; many  are in mixed-use buildings

There are residential units currently under construction in downtown Salem

The majority of square footage in downtown is dedicated to: 762,570 square feet of department stores and other general retail (general retail includes: antique stores, game stores, gift stores, novelty stores, home decor and toy stores); 223,295 of square footage in downtown is financial institutions

The majority of business types by count are dedicated to misc. shops, legal services, restaurants and taverns

What can we do?
Downtown is in the midst of great change, so it's important that it continues to have an independent neighborhood association that works separately from other advisory groups, businesses or special interest groups such as Go Downtown Salem or the Downtown Advisory Board. Those organizations do play an important yet different role, than that of CAN-DO.   CAN-DO By-Laws.

can-do area Map

CAN-DO (Central Area Neighborhood Development Organization) encompasses the downtown core as well as some surrounding residential areas.  If you are a resident, property owner, employee, or person engaged in business in this area, and are interested in contributing to the objectives of CAN-DO, you are already a member of this group! 

What are our goals?

1 Support initiatives that increase bicyclist and pedestrian safety and access to downtown.
2 Support initiatives offering practical solutions to problems related to indigency downtown.
3 Increase participation and organizational capacity.

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Bruce Hoffman


Michael Livingston


Sarah Owens



Barbara Grant

CAN-DO meets every 3rd Tuesday at 6:00 p.m. If you'd like to receive the monthly agenda electronically sign up on the City of Salem website. If you want the info and updates via regular mail by calling



monthly Meetings
3rd Tuesday at 6:00 PM

Salem First Christian Church
685 Marion Street NE

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